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Giraffe Head Syndrome: Fixing Biomechanical Problems in the Foundation

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A few weeks ago, Tessa and her horse Casper trailered from the Santa Cruz area to come into training for her winter break between semesters. Tessa‚Äôs goal is English pleasure, but despite hours of working on her freestyle skills and having a fairly nice foundation, she wanted her horse to carry himself well as she began to work on Level …

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Partnering with Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center

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When I moved back to California in February I made the decision to keep my horse, Quest, at a facility in Loomis which is approximately 30 minutes from where I live. Although inconvenient, there were several reasons why I made this decision. I knew the financial investment of boarding him somewhere else would hold me accountable to making him a …

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A Clinic with the Master

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Last weekend my Dad and I had the honor of riding in a two day Master Class with Pat Parelli! To be totally honest, my favorite part of the whole weekend was having quality time with both my Dad and Martini. My love of horses, and now career with them would never have taken off without his support and shared …

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Going For The Gold! Again………

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I just returned from a “launch party” for dressage rider and Para-Olympian, Lauren Barwick.

I first met Lauren in 2009 while studying with Pat Parelli in Pagosa Springs, CO. This was just one year after Lauren won gold & silver in Beijing with her beautiful mare, Maile. There was no time wasted for Lauren! She had hitched herself to Pat and was gearing up for the next Olympic games.

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A Lesson with Herwig Radnetter

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For over a decade Valhalla Farm and Herwig Radnetter, of the Spanish Riding School, have been in cahoots. I never got the exact story of how the two came together, however, it was reasoned that this distinguished teacher has been making his way across the Atlantic to Wellborn, FL for the past sixteen years!

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Lana April Update

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I have been having so much fun with Lana! If I could assign her a Valhalla team award it would be “most improved player”. She has come such a long way since I started with her in December and has shown the biggest shift from extreme to centered.

When I first started with her she had the least handling, and, due to her extroverted nature, was very pushy/impulsive. Now, she is grounded, thoughtful and so connected.

We have been beginning to play at liberty and I had Jerome document our initial introduction.