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Giraffe Head Syndrome: Fixing Biomechanical Problems in the Foundation

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A few weeks ago, Tessa and her horse Casper trailered from the Santa Cruz area to come into training for her winter break between semesters. Tessa’s goal is English pleasure, but despite hours of working on her freestyle skills and having a fairly nice foundation, she wanted her horse to carry himself well as she began to work on Level …

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Proud Ambassador of Goode Rider Clothing

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I am proud to announce that I have recently been selected to act as an Ambassador for the equestrian fashion brand, GOODE RIDER!!! If you know me outside of the barn, you know that I have always had a passion for fashion. With Lorna Goode and Kristin Calandra’s mission being to create clothes that you take you “from the barn …

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Going For The Gold! Again………

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I just returned from a “launch party” for dressage rider and Para-Olympian, Lauren Barwick.

I first met Lauren in 2009 while studying with Pat Parelli in Pagosa Springs, CO. This was just one year after Lauren won gold & silver in Beijing with her beautiful mare, Maile. There was no time wasted for Lauren! She had hitched herself to Pat and was gearing up for the next Olympic games.

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A Lesson with Herwig Radnetter

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For over a decade Valhalla Farm and Herwig Radnetter, of the Spanish Riding School, have been in cahoots. I never got the exact story of how the two came together, however, it was reasoned that this distinguished teacher has been making his way across the Atlantic to Wellborn, FL for the past sixteen years!

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Another great session in the arena! Filigree is becoming understanding about what I am asking of her and what our relationship entails now. She definitely has more opinions on-line in the arena thank she does in the round-pen. She does not do anything extreme. However, she will teeter between shooting out on the circle and doing mini bucks while simultaneously shaking her head in the air as if to say “your not the boss of me”! She does it in such a manageable way to me that it honestly brings me entertainment. I feel like I can have a conversation with her and as long as I am persistently asking nicely she has always come through seeing that it really isn’t that bad after all. When I am dealing with these “opinions” I remember Linda’s idea of “zero brace” for Left Brain horses. If Filigree goes out on the circle with some extra oomph, I encourage her. If she shakes her head when I ask her to go forwards then I say, “that’s ok”, we can go slower or even backwards if you want. The number one things is that my intention remains friendly and that I don’t get frustrated or macho with her. After playing our games on the 45’ line and introducing squeezing between the barrels we had a wonderful ride!