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Another great session in the arena! Filigree is becoming understanding about what I am asking of her and what our relationship entails now. She definitely has more opinions on-line in the arena thank she does in the round-pen. She does not do anything extreme. However, she will teeter between shooting out on the circle and doing mini bucks while simultaneously shaking her head in the air as if to say “your not the boss of me”! She does it in such a manageable way to me that it honestly brings me entertainment. I feel like I can have a conversation with her and as long as I am persistently asking nicely she has always come through seeing that it really isn’t that bad after all. When I am dealing with these “opinions” I remember Linda’s idea of “zero brace” for Left Brain horses. If Filigree goes out on the circle with some extra oomph, I encourage her. If she shakes her head when I ask her to go forwards then I say, “that’s ok”, we can go slower or even backwards if you want. The number one things is that my intention remains friendly and that I don’t get frustrated or macho with her. After playing our games on the 45’ line and introducing squeezing between the barrels we had a wonderful ride!

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I was really happy with the progress we made and feel like I was the one who learned a ton this week.  Lamarck, and all of the babies continue to challenge me and cause me to revisit or dust off things I KNOW, but maybe haven’t had to apply in my horsemanship for awhile. When I was studying with Linda and hit a road-block in my horsemanship she would always say “frustration begins where knowledge ends”. This was not intended to be demeaning or negative. Actually Linda would always say it in the most positive way. Like, “yippee! Now you have an opportunity to learn even more”!

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“Filigree is by Stiletto “Pg” out of Fasta by the Swedish stallion, Master.  Kyra Kyrklynd said Master was exceptional to train, very easy and of course, she had a great Grand Prix career with him until his injury. We bred Master to Fiesta (by the Swedish stallion, Johanniter0, producing Fasta, a 4th generation mare for us. Fasta is a truly exceptional producer, making seriously talented offspring no matter who she is crossed with but we particularly like the Stiletto cross, which has produced both top hunter and exceptional movers for dressage. Filigree has been a head turner from birth with her expressive gaits and as is true to the “F” line here, exceptionally brave and forward thinking in training. Her “F” relatives have been herd leaders, often leading the group to explore anything new in the pasture and to jump any obstacle in the way. I always thought the line would produce eventing prospects, but their gaits made most of the them dressage horses.   Still, Filigree could be that top eventer as she also has a super good jump!!  I should also note that
Filigree is a 3/4 sister to Felisha (Piper), owned and evented by Amy Bowers, 4-Star Parelli Professional. Felisha certainly demonstrates the brave, quick thinking that comes from my “F” line, which started with a Thoroughbred mare that raced until she was 8, competed in jumpers until she was 12, then came to us where she evented with Shannon Brinkman until her retirement to the broodmare herd. She was of the Fern Dancer line, which produced great steeple chase horses and Fern Dancer was a Native Dancer son.”

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“Lamark is an offspring of one of my earliest lines, in fact, the first Trakehner mare I bought for breeding making this the 6th or 7th generations of my breeding along the dam line. I picked Donaufurst to breed to Lalik and got the very lovely Lalique, powerful mover with the sweetest disposition.  I bred her to Platinum von Rappenhof “Pb”, feeling the two were very well suited to continue the athletic qualities always present in that wonderful mare line. Lamarck did not disappoint.  He has super gaits, lots of confidence and plenty of power to do anything in any sports field, so no decision has been made for his future.   This line is pretty brave, full of humor and will keep Micaela on her toes as they progress!”

~ Jean Brinkman

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First Impressions

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The Salt Block by Love Horsemanship, contines with Developing the Sport Horse, Naturally. This week Micaela Love shares a quick tip turned forever philosophy, she gained during her time as Protege with Linda Parelli. By utilizing her training as a 3-Star Parelli Professional and partnering with renown breeder Vallhalla Farm, they’re working towards a new generation of mentally, emotionally and phsyically exceptional athletes.

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Lana: RBE (Right Brain Extrovert)

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She is the only of the four babies that I did not get to meet and work with during my visit back in September. Jean asked that I add her to my list a few days after I started. She has had less handling than the three year old boys and is also very tall! Looking at these tall and developed “babies” creates good incentive to truly get the horses accepting myself, the saddle, and a rider. It is always my goal to over prepare the horses so that it is as uneventful as possible, keeping up both safe and sparing me from unnecessarily throwing the saddle up and down and up and down. 

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Filigree: LBI (Left Brain Introvert on the Extrovert Cusp)

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Filigree is the oldest of the bunch and was previously started under saddle. However, I was told that it was not the most positive experience, leaving Filigree tense and apprehensive. With that said, her time back out in the field prepared her for a fresh start! To me she feels emotionally centered, self confident and more than ready for what we have in store. She was the first of the four babies to accept the saddle and has been moving right along ever since.  

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Dashing: RBI (Right Brain Introvert)

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Dashing is a 3-year old gelding by Imminence out of Donnergirl by Donnerhall

When I came for my interview back in September Dashing was the first to catch my eye. He is of course D*A*S*H*I*N*G in every sense of the word! Although he is the most developed and impressive three year old (in my opinion) he is also the most reserved and unconfident. To put it simply he is a scardy-cat in the hunk of a horse’s body.