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Apr 07 2018 - Apr 08 2018


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Finesse Clinic in Tucson, AZ

Micaela Love (3-star Instructor and Game of Contact Instructor) is bringing you an Advancing Level 3-4 Clinic focusing on The Finesse Training Sequence. One of the problems with riding with concentrated reins, or ‘contact,’ is that horses easily feel blocked and trapped. Their strides get short and choppy, they come behind the bit, they have trouble going forward, and may even chomp and foam. Worse still, many riders get stiff and lose their smiles. But when you follow Linda’s sequence, the opposite happens – it puts the fun back into Finesse! You learn how to get your horse freely forward, make transitions with just your seat and energy, relieve brace, build suppleness, and develop balance and straightness – not to mention feeling your horse reach for the bit in a desire to hold your hand! Finesse takes your sensitivity for the partnership with your horse to a whole new level.

There are 10 steps in the Finesse Training Sequence. The first six are for Levels 3-4 Finesse, while the final four build to collection. To give you an idea, Contact is #7. No matter how far you want to take this, you’ll establish a fine foundation for Finesse by teaching your horse this simple sequence. In this clinic we will be focusing on steps 1-6. We will play On Line, FreeStyle and Finesse over the course of this 3-day Clinic.

Pre-requisits: Riders must be conifdent to walk, trot and canter in a group, and be a solid level 3/4 Parelli Student.

Register with Zuzana Runge zuzanarunge@aol.com

What Micaela Love has to say about The Finesse Training Sequence:
“The Finesse Training Sequence is something that has been evolving since I started riding with Linda back in 2013. Being on the ground floor as Linda meticulously developed each step and used us as her guinea pigs was a priceless experience!

As a customer and student, you should know that Linda’s heart – and many sleepless nights – went into shaping this concept into the powerful and yet achievable sequence you will see in this system.

I truly believe that this is the “missing link” that will now help riders bridge the gap between FreeStyle and Finesse, simultaneously filling in the hole that swallows so many of our students’ confidence around precision riding. Linda is constantly striving to educate us in the clearest and most effective way possible. This sequence breaks down the big picture of Finesse and offers it in bite-size pieces of information for both the rider and the horse!”

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